The 1950s was responsible for many cultural revolutions in such a short period of time. From Little Richard and Elvis reinventing music, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and Marlon Brando ripping up the rule book in movies and Dior and Chanel dressing the stars in a new, yet stylish way. Now, a new exhibition at Chelmsford Museum will celebrate the dazzling dresses of the Paris couture houses to the ready to wear styles of Marks and Spencer that characterised the decade of change.

‘1950s Fashion, A Decade of Glamour' will run from Saturday 28 October to Sunday 26 November and it documents the rise of ready to wear, mass produced outfits that brought variety and good quality to the everyday person. How the extraordinary clothes worn by film stars, were filtered down to the high street. On display will be some classic 1950s outfits including a Jaegar wool suit, a prom dress and a Teddy boy outfit, as well as outfits from the collections of Chelmsford Museum and other museums in the East of England. Visitors can try on beautiful garments from the vintage wardrobe collection or design a dream 1950s outfit of their own.

Nick Wickenden, Manager, Chelmsford Museum said: "The 1950s were a pivotal time for fashion, full of style and excitement, any dedicated follower of fashion will learn so much about this decade by visiting this touring exhibition." Nick continued: "In the early 1950s Britain was still in post-war rationing, then in the late 50s all of the rebuilding and hardship had paid off, the country was heading into prosperity and that's when clothes suddenly exploded with colour and style."

Entry to ‘1950s Fashion, A Decade of Glamour' is free. The exhibition was produced by Epping Forest Council and funded by the Arts Council. To discover more about exhibition opening times at Chelmsford Museum, visit http://www.chelmsford.gov.uk/museumevents

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