Graham Jack CV & Feature

Graham Jack, as you can see from his CV (click here to download), has a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry as well as horticulture. He also has an artistic talent which you can view on the Sanctus webpage showing one of his etchings of how Graham perceived the volunteers at Sanctus over Christmas.

Graham has always worked, sometimes day and evening jobs, and unfortunately he lost his last job mid 2016. It did not take long before Graham also lost his 'shared ownership accommodation' and since then he has been homeless.

Graham unlike many of us has no family to fall back onto as both his parents had passed away by the time he was 18 and his Brother passed away a few years ago. So now he finds himself in this awful predicament.

Graham has no criminal record, which can be checked, and he has no drug or alcohol addictions. He just happens to be very unfortunate but still desperate and keen to become part of society again.

Graham is prepared to work at anything offered, chief cook and bottle washer so to speak, and is also happy if required to work whatever hours per week offered.

If anyone can help please phone the number at the top of the CV but failing a response (as please remember Graham does not have access to electricity to charge his phone) please phone 07789 791781.

Please click here to download Graham's CV

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