MAB Coaching and Consultancy.

Hi I’m Mark and welcome to MAB Coaching and Consultancy.

I passionately believe in making the best of life and the importance of achieving your goals.

I have a naturally positive but direct and non-judgemental ability to support you.
Through overcoming challenging life experiences myself and gaining extensive knowledge I understand the power of having a positive mind-set and self–discipline in order to be successful.

My background is working for a large organisation, supporting and mentoring colleagues but also delivering workshops to large audiences helping them become more confident and learn leadership qualities.

Are you seeking personal development?
Want to be more confident and successful?
Maybe you don’t feel good enough to apply for a job or feel you lack the motivation?
Then MAB can help you.

MAB specialises in personal development and thrives on seeing people perform to the best of their abilities and being successful. We truly believe that someone should always be given the opportunity to better themselves by giving them the right tools to do so.

MAB offers a one to one service to individuals who want to improve, be successful and operate to the best of their ability as well as coaching organisations, managers and employees to help address issues such as the retention of employees, sickness levels, confidence, motivation, leadership and improving interview skills.

This is not a ‘normal’ therapy session but a focused training session looking forward and my aim is to change any negative thoughts into positive ones and give you specific goals to focus on and achieve.

MAB can help you with;

- Personal Development
- Confidence, energy and motivation
- Business and career
- Mentoring
- Time Management
- Assertiveness
- Leadership and Management
- Interview Skills

Products and Prices

One to One

Initial free 20 minute telephone consultation, this is a crucial stage in order to understand your needs and to save time at your first appointment to ensure you get the most out of your session.

Face to face £55 an hour
Via Skype £45 an hour

6 week programme

This consists of six sessions, one hour each.
Special offer price £300 – Works out to £50 a session.

Self-improvement is a continuous process and cannot be achieved with just a one off session. The programme will help you identify what is holding you back but also gives you the tools to change your daily habits and achieve your goals.

Tailored Workshops

Confidence workshops – These are presentations to an audience, including audience participation lasting around two and a half hrs. This workshop focuses on the understanding of what confidence is but then giving the audience the tools to help and improve their levels of confidence.

Leadership and Management – Workshops focus on the difference between leadership and management, the value of leadership and some practical skills on how to adopt leadership in the workplace.

Prices for presentations can be obtained by contacting MAB directly.

Experience and Qualifications

NVQ and Diploma level 5 in Leadership and Management

Qualified Mentor – I have successfully mentored/coached many people for a large organisation

Delivered Confidence Workshops

For more information please contact me at:

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