Cherish Dog Grooming

At Cherish we offer the following:

Dog or Cat grooming mobile or collection service.
Dog sitting services
Doggy stay service
Dog walking services

We offer a Dog grooming training service. This helps you learn how to groom for yourself, gives you an insight on starting your own grooming business or grooming your own dog, by learning the essential tools to grooming. The training is suitable for young or older people looking for a new path way or looking to change careers. It can build your confidence and learn new skills.

We will instruct you on:

1. Health and safety( law)
2. Equipments and use for grooming, essential tools needed and advice on maintaining them.
3. How to bath, shampoo, de-matting and brushing and drying your dog
4. Dealing with parasites and other issues.
5. Cleaning ears, cutting nails and attending to paws.
6. Dealing with elderly or sick dogs.
7. Health care and record keeping

Tel: 07440037219

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