Dash the Dolphin, Esme the Elephant, and Frank the Flamingo are the latest stories from the author to be published by Tiny Tree.

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A children's author from Great Wakering, Essex has recently released three new books in her ever-expanding Animal Alphabet series. Kaley Owen's series of fun and educational children's books are illustrated by Graeme Holding and published by Tiny Tree Children's Books

Dash the Dolphin, Esme the Elephant and Frank the Flamingo were released on May 3rd and join the series’ already vibrant cast of characters. Amos the Anteater, Benny the Beaver and Cleo the Camel were the first three books in the series and were released last year.

All six of the books in the series are available now from all good bookshops, including Foyles, Waterstones and Amazon. The series will boast twenty-six books in total and more books are due in early 2019 with a plan to continue educating and entertaining children across the UK.

About the Books

Dash the Dolphin is the quickest around, he's a fast as light superhero, ask anyone around. He darts through the water, a flash of light grey. When sea-creatures are in trouble, Dash is there to save the day.

Esme the Elephant is the biggest of all, but oh how she wishes she could be small. At hide and seek, she's the first to be found and worries about squishing others close to the ground. But when a storm rolls in and sets the jungle alight, Esme knows she has a fire to fight!

Frank the Flamingo loves to dance. He'd dance all day if he ever got the chance. He can do tango, latin and tap. And every time he danced the audience would clap. On competition day Frank got confused, where oh where were his dancing shoes?! Frank the Flamingo is the sixth book in the Animal Alphabet series.

The Animal Alphabet is a series of books teaching children their ABCs through fun and extraordinary children’s stories about animals – some of them more unusual than the others. Each original story is based on an important message for children to learn – being friendly, sharing with others, saving money – and filled to the brim with animal facts.

The Animal Alphabet is the first full series of books to be released by Tiny Tree, but Managing Director welcomes the challenge of completing the set sooner rather than later. “We’re excited to add three exciting new stories to the Animal Alphabet series. The aim is to eventually have a complete collection of unique, colourful and entertaining little books. Twenty-six in total, of course… We know how eager people are to read the new stories, so we’re hoping to get the next three [G, H, and I] out very soon and increase the release schedule going forward”.

Dash the Dolphin, Esme the Elephant and Frank the Flamingo are available from May 3rd, 2018. Customers can order direct from the Tiny Tree website or pick up the new books in their favourite local bookshops.

If you would like more information on the Animal Alphabet series, just click here.

Animal Alphabet author Kaley Owen and illustrator Graeme Holding are available for interviews and features, to arrange coverage click here.

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About the Author
Kaley Owen didn’t grow up dreaming of being a writer. As a matter of fact, she never knew what she wanted to be. Having spent time working with children, Kaley loved encouraging them to explore and be creative, helping them learn whilst having a good time.

Her work with children inspired her to write the Animal Alphabet series. Fun and educational, each book is filled with laughs and teaches children a valuable lesson.

About the Illustrator
Graeme Holding’s style of drawing is bright, fun, traditional but quirky. He likes to draw animals bringing a sense of personality to my characters. Born in Helsby, Cheshire he now lives in the industrial town of Runcorn with his wife and four children.

Drawing is an important part of Graeme’s life and something he has always been passionate about. Graeme relished in any drawing activity as a child at school. He was particularly inspired by a children’s book illustrator that visited my primary school, Anthony Lewis. He knew then, that this is what I wanted to do when he grew up. It just so happened that Anthony was Graeme’s cousin and has been a big influence on his work ever since.

About Tiny Tree Children's Books
Tiny Tree is a children's imprint based in Manchester. We like working with new authors, illustrators and creators on exciting, modern, children's stories that challenge conventions and deliver new perspectives to children. Established in 2016, we wanted to show the world how different and engaging children's books could be and, frankly, we just love making them! We're incredibly proud of what we've achieved to date. We hope you like our books as much as we do!

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Dash the Dolphin, Esme the Elephant, and Frank the Flamingo are the latest stories from the author to be published by Tiny Tree.
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