Rachael Willcox Tutoring offers 1:1 sessions which are tailored to your child’s needs

Primarily, Rachael Willcox Tutoring offers 1:1 sessions which are tailored to your child’s needs. Whether they need support in English, Maths, a combination of the two; or confidence building so they feel able to tackle the demands of school life, Rachael Willcox Tutoring is able to help. Our fully qualified and experienced teachers are able to support your child through both the Primary and Secondary school curriculum. Furthermore, some of our teachers are also able to offer instrumental lessons; music theory and audition preparation for drama schools.

We will match you and your child with a tutor that will best suit their needs, taking into account location and availability. Your tutor will then contact you to discuss the needs of your child further, confirm the fee and arrange the first session.

You will need to bring along with you the most recent copy of your child’s school report, along with any other information about your child’s needs. A homework book is always helpful, but your tutor will discuss this with you when you make contact. You will also be asked to sign our tuition agreement, stating that you agree to the lessons at a fixed time and price with your tutor. Please be aware that we also operate a 50% cancellation fee if lessons are cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice.

As well as our 1:1 sessions, Rachael Willcox Tutoring also offers catch up sessions in the holidays. This can be 1:1, pair or small group. These are perfect refreshers, especially during the long summer break.

Furthermore, Rachael Willcox Tutoring provide mock exam sessions for those pupils who wish to enter the 11+ exams. We provide mock exams in both the CEM and CSSE format and these are essential preparation for the big day. Your child will experience the format of an 11+ exam, as well as taking part in past papers and gaining feedback on areas to work on.

If you would like to book a session, or enquire further, please fill in a contact form or email us at rachaelwillcoxtutoring@gmail.com

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