So How Are You?

A couple of weeks ago Public Health England launched it's One You campaign.

A ground-breaking new campaign to help adults across the country avoid future diseases caused by modern day life. Complete with public and commercial partnerships with Asda, Slimming World, BBC Get Inspired and The Ministry Of Defence.

I think this is a great idea and long over due.

When I first came into the health, fitness and wellbeing industry a couple of decades ago the government of the day in association with NHS and The Exercise Association of England launched a similar 3 year campaign but alas the government pulled their investment which in turn led the Exercise Association to bankruptcy and our industry without a clear direction to travel in.

But One You is truly ground-breaking in the sense that it actually accepts the need to take into account the environmental pressures that make it difficult to make healthy choices, having to sit 8 hours a day at work for example, and then drive home.

This is something that many of us in the health, fitness and wellbeing industry have been saying for many many years. I have been advising clients who spend their work time sitting at a desk to stand up after 45 mins and do not sit down again for 15 mins. And during 2 of those 15 minute intervals they should stretch.

The biggest response to that suggestion is

"My bosses would never allow it"

But what if I told you that your bosses had no choice but to allow you? Would that make a difference?

Would you do it?

In the PHE announcement it highlights

- around 40% of all deaths in England are related to behaviour
- the NHS spends more than £11bn a year on treating illnesses caused by the effects of diet, inactivity, smoking and drinking alcohol

So by changing our lifestyle habits so that we are more active, eating better quality food in the right portion sizes, stop smoking and drinking alcohol we would be helping not only ourselves to live longer but take a huge amount of pressure off the NHS. That really can't be a bad thing.

Ready to see how are you?

Take the test.

It's very quick and you will begin to get an idea of where you currently are and what you may need to do to change your lifestyle habits. Complete with additional tips that you are able to download or they will email to you.

For over twenty years Whole Body Approach's minimum guidelines have been
- 2- 3 strength training sessions per week (to strengthen the bones, muscles)
- 20 - 30 minutes aerobic (cardio) exercise per day (to improve brain, heart and lung function)
- Eat 3 meals and/or 2 snacks per day based on the time of day you are exercising

We also added the following wrap around

- Exercise up to 5 hours per week
- Take 1g of fish oil per % of body fat per day up to a maximum of 30g for 2 weeks and then halve the amount (eg. if you have 20% body fat start with 20g of fish oil for 2 weeks and then reduce to 10g per day)
- Take multivitamins (age/gender related) daily
- Get 6 - 8 hours sleep per 24 hours
- Make 1 small change at a time

These guidelines were designed to fit across all areas of support we provide including low back pain and GP Exercise Referral. Take a look at the information provided on Thyroidism and Diabetes.

And our newsletters include tips (some from the stone age) and practical advice that can enhance or improve our clients, patients and readers health and wellbeing.

Whole Body Approach welcomes the arrival of One You as it links nicely with our intent to improve the quality of life for all ages and abilities through functional fitness and sound nutrition.

Now earlier I posed you a question.

What if I told you that your bosses had no choice but to allow you to stand up for 15 minutes for every hour you were at your desk? Would that make a difference?

Would you do it?

Well the truth is that Health & Safety is on your side!

You are only allowed to sit in front of a computer screen for 45 minutes at a time - and then take a 15 minute break.
So now that you know that you can do it WILL YOU?

The upside is this, you will improve productivity by getting more things done. Instead of using the phone or email to contact someone in another department in the building you can physically walk to them and speak to them
thus being more active.

An added bonus to the company - a decrease in absenteeism and presenteeism

Just a thought!!

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