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Tom McGinley Professional Boxer - Chelmsford, Essex

22/04/2017 About 1 minute

Tom McGinley
Professional Boxer - Chelmsford, Essex
Not your average boxing story!

Hi all,

Firstly thanks for reading.

My boxing career started back in 2011, I was a late starter as spent my teens and early 20's playing football for a local club. However after rupturing the ACL in my right knee twice it was time to call it a day!

It all started for me by phoning a local gym that I knew was offering boxing classes. I booked my first session in with the trainer, the next thing I knew I was sparring week in week out and I remember how happy it made me to hear him say "you have got a bit about you, do you fancy having a bout?".

Next thing I knew I was sitting in a sweaty nightclub, waiting for my first ever boxing bout.

Scared? Nah….. Petrified... Maybe.

Judging by the photo I should have been…where was my guard!

I loved it, every second.

It was only an exhibition, a bit like a 'friendly'….

If there is such a thing with 2 men wearing 10oz boxing gloves!

Hearing the 'MC' call your name as you wait backstage then making your ring entrance, the roar of the crowd, the ridiculously powerful floodlights illuminating the ring and your opponent… I knew there and then I was hooked!

I went on to build myself an impressive record in the semi-professional ranks - 14 fights 13 wins 1 draw 0 losses and 7 knockouts, 6 of which came in the first round.

June 2015 saw me matched against an opponent who had won the ABA amateur titles 3 times as a junior, then went on to have a decent professional career. We boxed over 3 rounds with the judges scoring it a draw. This set up a rematch over 6 rounds, which I won.

This was to be my last fight at this level having won and defended the IBA British

Lightweight and European Lightweight titles.
In early 2016 I signed as a professional boxer with Joe Elfidh Promotions (JE promotions) and Fightbox U.K.

My application was approved, and my Professional Boxing License dropped through my door on 16th May 2016… a day I will NEVER forget!

My professional boxing debut was the 4th of June 2016. It didn't exactly go according to plan and was stopped in the 4th round. Two accidental head clashes early in the fight meant I was cut badly on both sides of the eyes.

This photo below speaks a thousand words as to how I felt.

So what did I do about it? Quit? Complain? Make excuses?

No…I sucked it up, I got back in the gym with one of the best trainers out there Russ Smith and I worked my arse off.

I got up at 5am and went out running.
I drove countless miles to get the best possible sparring.
I have since had 3 good wins all points decisions.

September 24th 2016

October 29th 2016

April 8th 2017

So what's it really like to be a professional boxer?

The truth?

TIt's not easy setting an alarm for 5am and getting up to run 5 miles, go to work for a 9 hour shift then head straight to the gym for a full boxing session, But it's the sport I have chosen. It's one of the most rewarding sports in the world for those willing to make sacrifices.

Yes there are times when you miss out, a wedding, a party, a casual few drinks, this is definitely something I have struggled with.

Sometimes you want to lay on the sofa and eat chocolate.

Sometimes you want to eat a curry, not a grilled chicken salad.

But for me the benefits far outweigh the sacrifices.

In my pro gym there are currently 6 fighters at various stages of their careers, it's a strong competitive gym and the respect we all have for each other is huge, I am truly proud to be a part of this team.

We praise each other when we win, help each other when we don't, and punch each other in the face most days of the week.

The feeling of having your arm raised in front of supporters who have come to watch you fight, nothing can top that.

The feeling when your partner of 6 years tells you she is truly proud of what you have achieved.

The feeling when friends and family still make the effort to come along and support you even though you might not of been about as much as you should due to giving boxing your everything.

Is it worth it?
Looks like it!

I wouldn't be where I am now without some fantastic sponsors.
I was lucky to be given a sponsorship opportunity by Cobra Steel Services who help towards my costs, it's an expensive sport being a pro boxer, the training fees, mileage, training kit, amounts to a substantial outgoing each month and I am beyond grateful for the Cobra Steel Teams support.

I have my daily meals provided by Juice Kitchen Chelmsford. They are a relatively new company providing high quality chef prepared food straight to peoples doorsteps. They agreed to help me with my pro boxing career. They provide me with exactly what I need day to day, and having them on board has made a massive difference to my training as I know I am giving my body the best fuel.

My sports supplements (protein, amino acids, etc) are provided by another new company in Alba Sports Nutrition. The Alba Team have been a fantastic help, not only providing me with everything I need to train and recover correctly, but to advise me also on where I may have been making errors in the past and I feel they have also been a huge contributing factor in my success.

Pembroke Clothing Co again are a new company providing high quality clothing. The Pembroke Team have kitted me, my supporters, and even my other sponsors with 'Team McGinley' T-shirts which I am delighted with! These are available for sale on their website for general sale as well!

Ampro Boxing have provided me with my fight shorts, in my favoured Green/White combination which I have worn in every pro bout and am very grateful to them aswell.
And last but certainly by no means least, Electrogear Colchester have just recently come on board to help with my costs, with me boxing out of Champions Gym Colchester they wanted to support me and I am thrilled to have them on board .

One final thank you goes to my Manager Joe Elfidh shown below bottom right and the JE promotions Team for supporting me.
And to my Trainer Russ Smith, who has taken me from a novice right through to being a 4 fight professional. He stuck by me after a hard start in the pro game and I learn something new from him every single week without fail. Thank you Russ.

So what's next for me?

I am looking to get a good few fights in this year and within the next fight or 2 step up to a 6 rounder to test my fitness levels over a longer distance.

I am looking to build abit of a social media following to help get my name out there, professional boxing is a lot about selling as many tickets as you can. Promoters want fighters on their shows that people want to watch so I would be very very grateful if you could support me at my fights by buying a ticket or coming along.
Please support the next chapter!

All of my fight information is put onto my boxing page, so please give it a 'like' to keep up to date with all things Team McGinley!

Please support the next chapter!

I am boxing again on Saturday 3rd June at the Braintree Leisure Centre, Panfield Lane, CM7 1FF

Please contact me directly if you are interested in coming along on 07827 926897 or email

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