Area 515 Fitness offers Youth Strength & Conditioning

Area 515 Fitness offers Youth Strength & Conditioning for 5-15 Year Old Children
Our charter is to empower the youth of today and tomorrow, in building a healthy and active lifestyle.
We encourage all children aged between 5-15 to move away from the TV and Computers, to get up, get
motivated and get fit. The kids will be provided a fun filled atmosphere, where they will interact in activities,
games and exercises designed to make a difference, improve body composition, become fitter, faster & stronger
whilst building confidence and friendships. It works for Every’Body’ !

Fun and basic fitness knowledge to teach the kids the importance of being active. The children will be introduced to my 6 pillars of Strength - Lunge, Squat, Push, Pull, Rotate and Brace, without actually realising, as they will be incorporated within games/fun activities. The younger will focus on Physical Literacy - ie One week we will focus on Balance. We will play a number of Balancing games/exercises in circuit formation. The following week we will concentrate on a different literacy(hopping, skipping, coordination, throwing etc)

children looking for a balanced workout. This signature development program is comprised of movement skills, core conditioning, athletic strength training, Speed & Agility. Based around 10 Station circuit comprising of a balanced collection of exercises, working all parts of the body. Each week will vary - therefore Children will not get bored with the same exercises - This keeps them motivated and curious week on week. As the Kids progress, we will look to introduce them to explosive power, linear and multi directional speed, deceleration, quickness and more.


5 WEEK = 35.00 ( 7 PER SESSION)
10 WEEK = 60.00 (6 PER SESSION)

We start classes on Saturday 20th January at Dovedale Sports Centre from 11AM
Please email to confirm availability.

Tel: 01245 201143

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