Poochie Mamas’ Pop-In Service is not just for holidays and weekends away, it also includes short notice Welfare Visits.

Many elderly, sick or people living alone have to give up their cats as there is no-one around to care for them if they have to go into hospital or away at short notice. This is heart breaking, for many people who live alone their cat is their best friend and constant companion. The cats are also confused and frightened and don’t understand why their human isn’t around anymore.

For the family of an in-patient it relieves them of the added pressure of having to find the time to pop round and feed the cat, letting them focus on the already stressful situation of their poorly relative and hospital visits.

If you; or anyone you know; is in this situation and would find comfort in having a plan, please contact us for a chat and we can put things in place so that should the worst happen, one quick text will take that worry and pressure away until they are home.

There is no upfront cost, the only time charges apply would be if we get called upon.

Pet care for when you can’t be there
07849 743296



We all love our pets, but no matter how much we want to, we can’t be there for them all the time. We are pet owners and genuine animal lovers who go above and beyond to provide a safe, fun, and personalised service, caring for your precious friends as if they were our own.

If you work long hours or are simply planning a day out but are concerned about your dog being home all day, there’s no need to worry anymore.

We will take care of your friend and you can come home to a happy and content dog that has been exercised, had lots of cuddles and; if requested, fed.

Are you going away and worrying about who will care for your cat or kitten whilst you’re gone?

Whether it is overnight, a weekend, a week or longer we will pop-in, check they’re ok, feed them, clean their litter tray as many times as you need in the comfort of their own home until you get back. We can’t guarantee they won’t sulk, but we can promise to do our best to make sure they are safe.

Do you have an elderly dog or puppy or poorly dog that can’t be walked but you are worried about leaving for a long period of time?

We will go and see them, check they’re ok, feed them, let them out for potty breaks and spend time with them at the times you can’t be there.

1 Dog Extra Dog(s)
Monday - Friday
½ hour £7.50 £15
45 minutes £11.25 £17.50
1 hour £15 £20
Weekends & Evenings (after 6pm)
½ hour £12 £17
45 minutes £14.50 £19.50
1 hour £17 £22
Monday - Friday 1 Pet Extra Pet(s)
1 visit per day £7.50 £10
2 visits per day £15 £20
Weekends & Evenings (after 6pm)
1 visit per day £9.00 £11.50
2 visits per day £18.00 £23

Like so many things in our busy lives, getting our dog to the Groomers can be difficult and weekend appointments almost impossible to come by. We offer a door-to-door service – pick your dog up, take him for a walk (length depends on how long it takes to get to the groomers) and drop him off. Once he has been snipped and preened we will pick him up and return him home.

Pet Taxi
Monday-Friday 1 Dog 2 Dogs
1 hour £15 £20

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