Amazing Me

Amazing Me is a digital mindfulness based programme for use with primary aged children which was developed in consultation with child trauma and positive psychology experts.

Amazing Me draws on the research of positive psychology to introduce concepts of kindness, compassion, strengths, self compassion and resilience to young children, equipping them with the skills to navigate their way through life. You may incorporate Amazing Me in the classroom wherever you wish. Amazing Me is also popular with the home education community.

There are 7 modules made up of 5 lesson plans in each giving you enough materials to last for a whole year. There is no expectation that you should be familiar with mindfulness as there are accessible and clear training videos for the set up of the programme and for each module, explaining the research and the ‘why’ aspect of each.

Uniting businesses and schools in the mission

to develop good mental health and wellbeing

in their communities


We all care about mental health and wellbeing. These things matter not only on an individual level, but also on a societal level. As parents we want our children to be happy - it’s usually the number one goal that a parent has for their child. Teachers want to see their pupils thrive, not just academically but also emotionally. Businesses want their employees to have good mental health and wellbeing; it makes sense both in terms of human compassion and also for business productivity.

But we have a problem, a big problem.

Rates of anxiety, depression, self-harm and eating disorders are soaring and children are being treated with medication for these conditions younger and younger. Unless we tackle this issue in preventive ways rather than the fire- fighting approach we seem to be currently taking, the cost to us personally and to our economy is likely to be great in the next decade or two.

As a not-for-profit positive education organisation, we have created Amazing Me, a digital mindfulness-based positive psychology programme for schools. All the materials are developed based on scientific research of what skills, strengths, mindsets and knowledge, help us to negotiate the challenges of life in ways which allow us to thrive and flourish. We have kept the costs at a bare minimum so that as many schools as possible can access it. For a 1 year

subscription Amazing Me costs just £500 + vat. In an average sized primary school that equates to less than £2 per child per year!

However, school budgets are constantly shrinking, meaning schools do not have the funds for even the most valuable resources such as Amazing Me. So we have a launched the Amazing Us campaign which allows businesses to easily invest in the good mental health and wellbeing of the children in their community primary school.

We are appealing to businesses to join our campaign and help us support your local schools. Your business can play an integral role in developing a flourishing community with high rates of good mental health and wellbeing, laying the foundations for having a healthy and happy workforce, creating links and connections within your community and of course that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from doing something kind!

Benefits to the children - immeasurable and life-long!

Parents can also get involved! Crowdfunding is a very simple way to raise funds through small donations from a group of people. The average primary school has around 260 pupils so a donation of just £2 per parent would give your child’s school access to wealth of materials that help your child develop good mental health and wellbeing.

So how can you get involved?

Simply email us on or post on our page to register your school, business or crowdfunding group and we will start the search for your Amazing Us partner.
Amazing Me - creating communities where every child recognises how amazing they are.

Amazing Us.

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